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A UK hotel search site has set apart a page for recording feedback on the top reasons for hotel complaints . The site notes the “power of the internet” as a reason for greater responses from hotel management to customer complaints and, no doubt, Trip-advisor’s customer generated reviews has (responsive) management on their toes the world over.

While the site addresses some London specific gripes, the page helps inform guests both how to go about pursuing a complaint as well as offering an explanation for why some hotels are unresponsive. The top complaint per them is what few in the industry talk about – Bed bugs. The other big beef is overbooking and, once again, the site offers tips on how to pre-empt the problem.

An American list would, doubtless, have similar elements but with branding (franchising) being a far bigger factor this side of the pond, customers are likely to have better outcomes particularly with all major brands continually overhauling their brand standards and casting out unresponsive franchisees. Nevertheless, large American brands that are rolling out self-service elements like kiosks to check-in guests should consider alternatives for feedback as the human element is minimized in the guest interaction process and without being fully aware (not all customers complain even when they have a reason to) slips in service standards.

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