Viral marketing’s success

This site wrote about viral marketing nearly three years ago, a marketing approach that is particularly relevant in today's economic climate. Today's Financial Times has a report entitled "Marketing's new vein", a word play on a vampire themed viral marketing initiative to introduce Bloodcopy, a new blog from Gawker, a network "that already includes technology, lifestyle and gossip sites such as Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Jezebel". The FT article notes that Bloodcopy has managed to get some "unusual advertising from some familiar brands: a Gillette promotion of
a “True Blood special edition” of its Fusion Power razor under the
slogan “Dead Sexy”; a Geico ad asking how much you could save on
insurance if you were immortal". The report notes that "the search for ideas that inspire potential customers to discuss them
and pass them round their online networks of friends is turning
advertisers into content creators, generating campaigns around
campaigns, fictional online worlds and back stories to the narrative of
their core marketing message." End result of all that co-branded advertising is that  Bloodcopy has had an incredible 11 million page views since its launch.

Some hotel and resort companies are also cued in on this relatively cheaper and more effective advertising method as is the case with Jet Luxury Resorts. A press release notes that the company's campaign, titled 'Are You Ready to Jet?' is a sexy, charming, high-end
video that was produced and shot at a fraction of the usual cost. Set
within one of the company's top properties, the penthouse in the Palms
Place Hotel in Las Vegas, a story unfolds about just how it feels to
stay in such a room."

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