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The discovery of Google’s seemingly endless trove of innovations continues with Google Gadgets. Google has teamed up with IBM to bring Gadgets into Websphere portal pages. Websphere portals are popular with large corporates where the company integrates a variety of components , applications and processes into a composite presentation. The collaboration with Google called “IBM Google Gadget Portlet” allows corporate users “to create, customize, and use nearly 4,000 Google gadgets, including language translators, package delivery trackers, Podcast searches, Wikipedia information, YouTube postings, and more, directly from within the portal, as ready-to-use services”. That enables companies to allow greater access to popular web applications while policing what is done and used. In plain English – it limits employees from being distracted while trawling the internet but enables access for a variety of “productive” uses. Among the companies signing on – Starwood hotels.

As one stockmarket wag remarked “Google at $500 remains cheap” – that’s $52 dollars below the last closing price. Given their relentless appetite for innovation, it may not be that much of a leap of faith to buy into that price!

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Vijay Dandapani

Co-founder and president of a New York based hotel company for 24 years. Grew the firm to five hotels in Manhattan and also developed a greenfield project at MacArthur airport, New York. Speaker at numerous prestigious forums including Economy Hotels World Asia, Lodging Conference, NYU, Columbia University Real Estate Roundtable, Baruch College's Zicklin School and ALIS. President and ceo of New York City Hotel Association since January 2017.

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  1. not sure why it’s so interesting to have this as part of webspheres.. when you can simply setup your own google gadget web page without any preference for application server. that’s what the web is all about isn’t it? you can even run this on a seperate tab in your browser, while your websphere app runs on another. It’s already bad enought the google will monitor what you do, but to also have your company’s websphere server know the news sources you subscribe too.. hmm..
    there are better alternatives to google anyway.. try
    So actually.. there is not much innovation here on google’s part, as they’ve just copied what these others did first.
    You Tube Video deals falling thru, click fraud on the rise, the original link popularity contest basis for their search engine being damaged more every day by link spam.. hmm, I don’t think i’d recommend buying Google stock 🙂

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