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In a great article on pet Internet peeves, PC world has identified the 10 most annoying things in webosphere! One is forced to agree with most of them but here are a few specific to the travel industry

– Tons of flash on homepage and reservation button tucked away in an obscure place
– Sites that don’t mention a toll-free # in their contact us page
– Sites that don’t upate their location information or maps
– No mention of destination on the home page
– Forms that require you to type in long detailed info to search a room
– Sites that have terms and conditions running into several pages
– Cancellation terms with ambiguous language
– No email confirmation of a booking
– Not showing taxes until checkout or not showing them at all
– Requiring customers to book online and then call to “verify” information
– Requiring customers to check back “later”for better deals because the website is currently undergoing maintenance.
– Not allowing customers to search without registration.
– Asking customers to book a room through live chat!

There are many more annoying things travel sites do in the name of design. Unreadable font, extra bright colors, slow-loading videos, no print-friendly button, no “remember me ” button so that a visitor who didn’t register can return to their preferences on that website.

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Vijay Dandapani

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